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I have been sitting and debating for awhile if I wanted to start a photography tip blog series and have come to find out that a TON of you fellow awesome photographers follow me! So every Tuesday on the blog I will be going over a topic that is photography or photography business related ekkk […]

Hello my loves! As you may have noticed it has been a little while since I last blogged. My blog was down for a bit getting everything ready for the launch and up until today we were still making little tweaks. I wanted to let you all know I have TONS of extremely pretty content […]

Chelsea has an infectious laugh and Jason is a huge lover of all things beer, and well of course Chelsea hehe. I had an amazing time taking their Manhattan Beach engagement photos. As soon as Chelsea and Jason walked up they had the biggest smile on their faces and I felt like I was meeting […]

I will keep this post short and sweet but this book has improved our marriage over and over again! The 5 Love Languages by Gary D Chapman is an amazing self improvement marriage book that I actually gift to all my brides. In this book you learn about the 5 different love languages to help […]

I met with Lindsay and Nathan over a year ago when they decided to book me for their big day! I started off by going to the wrong Starbucks (even bought 3 coffees) after about 10 mins I called and asked where they were and I realized I went to the wrong one but I […]