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Your day can go by so fast, heck even the planning can go fast and honestly you are not a professional photographer so there may be a lot of things you don’t think about and how they can effect your photos positively or negatively. Here are some tips and things I want all brides to […]

On Tuesday I had the honor of hosting our June Orange County Shoot and Share meet up, which was a mock wedding reception. I am a leader in the Shoot and Share community and honored that I get to host of these events every month! This one is especially amazing because we have the Yodsukars […]

Now I know this is the post you wait for ALL year, I know I do! Here are all the funny, candid and sometimes weird behind the scenes photos my second shooters have captured of me throughout the 2013 wedding season. From showing off a photo to bad dancing with a guest it all gets […]

If you had told me when I first started out to network with local photographers I would have thought you were crazy! Make friends with my competition seriously? It all started when I went to a Jasmine Star workshop in La and she told us to network and create a google calendar with other photographers. […]

I have photographers ask me on a regularly basis what I use to keep all my gear in when I am shooting and my answer is… SHOOTSAC! I have had my shootsac for two years now and I LOVE IT! The bag is made of neoprene (wetsuit) material so it completely protects your lenses from […]