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September 6, 2017

Candace + Kyle | Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

It has often been said that the best relationships begin as great friendships. It gives the couple a chance to see each other for how they truly are with no expectations or obligations, and the relationship can naturally grow and blossom on its own. Candace and Kyle serve as a perfect example of this. They first met in High School and always remained close friends, and didn’t begin dating until college. Although there was always a little spark and some quiet flirtation between the two of them all along.
Candace first realized she loved Kyle after an unfortunate event with her puppy becoming ill. Kyle’s commitment to helping and making sure both she and the puppy were taken care of was enough to show her that this was a person she could truly rely on. Kyle’s love for Candace can’t be pin-pointed to one event, but it grew from noticing her natural beauty, to learning that her personality was just as beautiful, and eventually noticing that he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Kyle proposed when Candace was getting back from a 3-week international trip, right in the LAX. That was the longest they had spent apart in 8 years and Kyle realized that he didn’t want to spend a moment longer without her.
Candace and Kyle just can’t wait for their Wedding. Candace looks forward to the views and dancing, and Kyle’s stoked to see Candace all dressed up and looking like a movie star! Oh, and of course that s’mores bar! But until the wedding, this cute couple is just taking the time to enjoy their engagement. We took their engagement photos in lovely Laguna Beach. We had such a great time and this good-looking couple made for some beautiful photos!

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