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August 28, 2017

Macy and Joe Engaged | Giracci Vineyards Engagement Photos

Macy and Joe’s sweet love story can all be traced back to a theoretical bottle of wine and a coat. They met in a student organization called Cable 8 at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) As soon as Joe found out that Macy was single, he began courting her (only in the most chivalrous ways, of course!) One night Joe threw a party for all of the Cable 8 gang and after these two couldn’t stop talking throughout the night, Joe finally made the flirty comment, “I see you like wine, we should share some sometime!” Although Macy just laughed it off, Joe continued to pursue her throughout the semester, always asking if she’d take his coat in the chilly weather. After several failed attempts, Macy finally agreed to go on a date with him and they had a wonderful time. After that, Macy finally agreed to take Joe’s coat, to which he replied, “Really? But it’s cold!” And that was the moment Macy knew he would never fail to make her laugh.

Macy and Joe’s relationship after college began with long distance, and it was during this period that they fell in love. During one of their short 48 hour visits, Joe came to Macy’s temporary home in Oregon and treated her to a nice dinner. They finally had the chance to share the bottle of wine that had been joked about months prior, and along with that bottle they also shared their true feelings with one another. This bottle represents a very special moment for this lovely couple, and it has been added to their home as one of the things they keep as part of their legacy.

The proposal story is just as charming as you would expect from this adorable couple. Because they often went out for weekly date nights to try new restaurants, when Joe took Macy to a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills, she had no reason to expect anything out of the ordinary. ¬†Although the night had its challenges (running late, forgetting an ID, car trouble), Joe pushed on and didn’t let any of this phase him. The two enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert (in the fancy separate dessert lounge) and then took a tour of the hotel attached to the restaurant. The restaurant manager took them around to several rooms and in the final one Macy found a printed photo of her and Joe, surrounded by rose petals, candles, peonies, more photos and chalkboard signs that say “I love you because…” and Joe had filled in several responses such as “…because of how driven you are,” “…because you make me whole,” and finally, “…because you are my future.” Macy couldn’t even let him finish popping the question before exclaiming, “yes, thank you, yes!” That night, Joe had one more surprise for Macy, they were staying in that very hotel and had an upgraded suite. It sure sounds like a magical night!

So you see, it all comes down to that bottle of wine and a coat. You never know what simple moments may turn into some of your most cherished memories. I had a wonderful time with this couple’s engagement session and I can’t wait to see what magic their wedding brings!

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