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December 14, 2016

Behind the Scenes | JDP 2016

Wow what an amazing year 2016 has been for Team JDP! 28 weddings, 16 engagement session for 2017 brides, a ton of boudoir, maternity and family photos! The best part of the end of the year is I get to go through and check out all the behind the scene photos that have been taken of us in action. After looking through all the photos I realize besides being a professional photographer I am also a collector of hair ties, expert hair fixer, professional dress fluffer, and a comedian. I tell all my girls on the team that all BTS shots are fair game for the end of the year blog, all the light testing shots on the dance floor, making sure the cake it lit the best for cake cutting and the silly faces made behind pillars! I hope you get some laughs and enjoy seeing some of the behind the scene photos! xoxo


Professional Dress Fluffer!

Comedian at your service!

My girls always keep me on my toes I love them all to pieces!

So curious!

Silly faces galore!

Gotta put the veil somewhere haha

Showing him how he got down on that dance floor!

Would love to know what I am thinking with that face lol

Our feet have seen some muddy situations during the year! Thank goodness for rubber fancy crocs!

Sometimes she likes to hide behind the dresses hehe

Every year I have two interns who I teach during weddings everything from how I light a room, prepping the bride and how I cull my weddings! Looking for a 2017 intern, shoot me an email if your interested!

Jaime Davis Photography

Always dancing hehe

She got hungry thank goodness we were allowed to eat the grapes at the winery!

Jaime Davis Photography

Jaime Davis Photography

Little guy dropped his pacifier…

What is Shastina doing with that face? hahah

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