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October 10, 2014


Last week I went to visit my best friend up in Bend, Oregon it has been several months since I had seen her and almost a year since I visited. I LOVE going up there and spending quality time with her and living the country life for a few days. The adventure started out a little hectic when my flight was delayed 2 hours and than delayed another 3 because of a “security threat” and I put that in quotes because the threat was just some mics a sound guys had on the plane that someone freaked out about. Seriously how in the heck did he get it through TSA if it was an issue ooiiii come on people. Anywho it was a rough 5 hours because I was stuck in the American Eagle terminal which has NOTHING! I had no water or food for 5 hours! I called American once I arrived home and have a voucher for another flight sooooooo it looks like I am heading back up to Oregon this summer woo hoo. While I was up visiting Kate, I met her chickens, played with a bow and arrow, went hiking (and again at Sunrise for photos see below), ate some amazing food and of course went shopping. Hello no sales tax! I miss my best friend everyday but I know she is always just a phone call away. And the best part is she is getting into photography herself and wants to go to WPPI with me this year wooo hoooo! Enjoy some amazing sunrise photos and instagram pics from the trip. XOXO

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